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Pig Breeding and Finishing

All our pigs are bred, grown and reared under very strictly controlled conditions independently audited by and marketed under the Assured British Pigs (ABP) banner and Red Tractor Scheme.

The costs of adhering to this system are considerable and make British pork higher welfare than most imported pig meat.

Bedfordia’s 1,100 breeding sows are located on two breeding farms- Arnoe Farm and Highfields Farm. Replacement stock is sourced through the nucleus herd of 160 sows replacing Landrace/ Large white F1 gilts for both breeding units, these are then crossed with different Sireline for producing the slaughter pigs.

Key Performance Indicators (As of February 2019)

Pigs born per litter 15
Litters per sow per year 2.4
Pigs born per sow per year 36
Weaner growth rate 570g per day
Finisher growth rate 1,015g per day
Finisher feed conversion rate (FCR) 2.45

Breeding unit development

2011 saw the completion of a rebuild of both our breeding farms. The accommodation encompasses many BAT (best available techniques) and are some of the most modern in Europe.

Bedfordia Farms PigsThe 34,000 progeny are grown on the breeding sites to 35-40 kg. 29,800 are then moved to Twinwoods Finishing Unit and the remaining are sold through Meadow Quality Ltd to be finished off-site.

Finishing Unit

Twinwoods is a modern 6,600 place computerised feeding co product liquid feed, finishing farm where 29,800 pigs are finished per annum.

The majority of our pigs are sold on a long-term contract at 19-20 weeks and 105kg weight to Morrison’s and C&K Meats Ltd through Meadow Quality.

Bedfordia also supply local butcher Evans & Son.

Slurry from Twinwoods finishing farm is piped directly to the adjacent anaerobic digestion plant where it is combined with food waste and used to produce heat and electricity as well as bio fertiliser.

Bedfordia produced bacon approximately has 30% lower carbon foot print per kg of bacon compared to the UK standard.