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Eliminating waste management control costs

IMG_0192BSI PAS 110 is a voluntary national quality specification for biofertiliser, which is made available to AD operators throughout England, Wales and Scotland from February 2010. This forms part of the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol.

Biofertiliser from a BSI PAS 110 accredited AD plant will be classified as a product rather than a waste.  The spreading of this product is not subject to waste management controls which greatly simplifies the marketing and spreading of the biofertiliser.

WRAP organics technical specialist Nina Sweet said: “The introduction of BSI PAS 110 is a fundamental step in helping to develop sustainable markets for biofertilisers. Making it easier for farmers to use biofertiliser will increase demand within the agricultural community for fertilising and soil conditioning products derived from waste material.”

BIOGEN’s own environmental experts worked with BSI, WRAP and the Renewable Energy Association (REA) to develop the national specification, BSI PAS 110, on which the protocol is based.

Westwood AD plant has been awarded the PAS 110 certification for its biofertiliser.