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Wind Turbine

Bedfordia Farms’ care for the environment extends beyond its work with the Countryside Stewardship Scheme to include the preservation of the earth’s resources.

 In 2016, Bedfordia Farms installed an Enercon E-53 wind turbine with the aim of generating clean renewable energy.

The process of creating electricity from a wind turbine is simple. The energy in the wind turns three propeller-like blades which are attached to a rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft, which spins a generator to create electricity.


The measurement of a wind turbine’s capacity to produce electric power is measured in megawatts (MW), one MW is equivalent to one million watts, or one thousand kilowatts.

The installation of this 76.45 metre tall turbine allows us to generate 4,808kWh per day which is enough power to run a home for an entire year. During the course of a year the turbine will generate enough power to run 530 homes.

The benefits of the turbine are: